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Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance

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This insurance is for your personal and non-commercial use of a non-owned, single engine land, fixed wing, non-pressurized, aircraft having a non-turbine engine of 450 horsepower or less (including non-powered sailplanes), capacity of seven (7) or less total seats, and a standard, experimental, restricted or light sport aircraft certificate. Multi-Engine, Rotorwing and Seaplanes are not included unless specifically selected and quoted.

A non-owned aircraft is an aircraft that you use with the owner's permission, but excluding any aircraft owned in whole or in part by, or furnished for more than thirty (30) consecutive days to, or under a lease and/or purchase agreement to you or your spouse, parent, child, sibling, corporation, partnership, or other organization in which any of these entities own more than twenty percent (20%).

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General Terms

Completion of this online application will allow you to submit your request to receive a quotation for coverage. Information entered will form the basis of the insurance contract should a policy be issued. The risk is not bound until an Insurance Binder is issued. Usage of this site is subject to the following Terms (click to open in new browser window/tab).